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5 Commercial Wireless Lighting Myths that Need Debunking

Some people believe that wireless cannot go the distance for large commercial lighting applications. That is not true. Even with the widespread usage of wireless networks, it is still amazing that there are so many myths about them.  That is not a surprise since not everybody has strong IT knowledge. After all, IT can be quite complicated. 

Wireless systems have successfully been deployed for large commercial smart lighting projects. They have proven to work just as well as hard-wired systems. 

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Digitization of Lighting and Do I Need It?

As lighting moves into the high tech world, there are new and unfamiliar terms emerging each day. It is hard to keep up.

A major shift is occurring in the lighting industry. Gone are the days when a light could only be turned ON or OFF, and then only by a manual switch. Lighting is now an intelligent source of information because of the widespread adoption of LED technology.  We get many questions about the term digitization.