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OSRAM to Showcase Lighting Technologies that Improve Quality of Life at CES 2019 you have never been to CES, 2019 is definitely the year to go!

CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. In 2018, there were more than 182,000 industry professionals and 4,400 exhibiting companies showing new products and technology. CES will be held Jan. 8-11, 2019, in Las Vegas.

Osram will display photonics technologies beyond visible illumination that improve quality of life through applications such as human centric lighting for health and well-being; textile products with embedded illumination to increase visibility and ultimately safety; iris-scan and facial-recognition for security; LiDAR for autonomous driving; and much more. Visit Osram at Booth #8521 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Well-being & Health

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)Light influences our lives in many ways including our health, moods, productivity, concentration and sleep. Research indicates that people, particularly those who spend much of their daytime indoors, are throwing off their circadian rhythm and it is having a negative effect on their physiological and psychological health. HCL applications are designed to mimic nature’s circadian rhythm by adjusting the brightness, color temperature, and color of lights during a 24-hour cycle. This tuning helps stimulate people during the day when they need to be alert, and assists in relaxing them during the evening as they prepare for a good night’s sleep. 

World-class athletes and racecar drivers have used HCL to help them adjust to time changes as well as stay alert during competition. HCL applications can be experienced in Osram’s booth with devices such as Osram’s Chronogy™ Human Centric eyewear and a dynamic HCL ceiling. Osram’s Chronogy HCL chairs, which provide users with specific doses of light to achieve the desired outcome, such as cool bright light to increase levels of alertness, or amber light to help one wind down at the end of the day, will be available for demonstrations in the lobby area of The Sands Hotel and Casino.

Lighting for AgricultureOsram will show several horticultural sensing and lighting solutions including Phytofy technology (used by NASA researchers) with food production research. Fluence Bioengineering of Austin, Texas, a recent Osram acquisition, also will be displaying energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial crop production and research applications that are well-suited for controlled environment agriculture lighting applications for the produce, herb, cannabis and ornamental growing markets.


A connected world can better optimize resources, reduce infrastructure costs, and unlock new ways of working. Osram will showcase an IoT-based building space optimization application. Using occupancy analytics gathered from an IoT-enabled lighting system, facility managers can optimize space based on who actually uses the space, how they use it, and when they use it. This reduces unused space and the related costs, and enables planning for future space requirements based on historical usage and trends.

Safety and Security

Security – With the introduction of two new infrared LEDs, Osram enables biometric applications such as iris scan, driver monitoring, as well as facial and gesture recognition in vehicles.

Safety - Osram has teamed up with Scout to provide easy-to-manage LED lighting within children’s backpacks. Compared to reflective strips which reflect the captured light from vehicle headlights, the Safety Lights from Osram are actively flashing to provide earlier detection. The Scout Exclusive Safety Light uses an integrated rechargeable power bank with charge level indicator, which also can be used as a flashlight.

There are so many exciting innovations at Osram. Check them out for yourself! Come by Booth #8521 located in the North Hall as well as the Harman exhibit at the Hard Rock Hotel and the lobby area of The Sands Hotel and Casino to see the latest from #TheNewOSRAM.

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