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Top 5 Smart Lighting Blog Posts for 1st Half of 2019

We are almost at the half-way mark of 2019 and it’s time to take a look at what content is trending on the Digital Systems Blog. Our industry is changing so rapidly, it is no wonder that four out of the top five most popular posts are looking at the what, why, and how of commercial lighting trends.

Why Smart Buildings Need Smart Lighting Data

Smart buildings has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Sensors have become mainstream and integrated processes and systems are gaining traction, particularly with corporations that have large or complex commercial space footprints. Initially, energy efficiency was the driving force behind smart building technology and system adoption. Today however, smart buildings are focused on the interconnection of technologies and systems that make buildings intelligent and responsive to the needs of owners, operators and occupants.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Building IoT

Commercial buildings are truly getting smarter. Deploying advanced technologies not only improves building efficiencies and staff productivity but helps spur new and innovative services. The advent of IoT is helping drive costs down while increasing sustainability, safety, and comfort across commercial real estate.  

The Anatomy of an IoT Lighting Solution

According to Navigant Research, global market revenue for IoT lighting is expected to grow from $651.1 million in 2017 to $4.5 billion in 2026. What is IoT lighting? According to Navigant, IoT lighting solutions in commercial buildings bring connectivity to devices that were previously not connected and provide data (where data was not available) through the connection. Connectivity and communication can happen between devices within the lighting system and between lighting devices and non-lighting devices.

See Osram’s End-to-End Smart Building Solutions at LIGHTFAIR 2019

Connect with us at LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) in 2019 to experience how Osram is using visible and invisible light to improve quality of life. Our staff of experts will be available to walk you through our booth and show you the latest in our product portfolio.

Osram and Facility Solutions Group (FSG) Partner for Smart Building IoT Solutions

Osram is partnering with Facility Solutions Group (FSG), a leader in building technology system design, integration, installation, and managed services, to offer turnkey smart building IoT solutions to the commercial, industrial and retail industries. 

Osram Pilots Smart Building IoT Solution at Mount Royal University

Smart Building IoT solutions have been touted as the Holy Grail for commercial real estate (CRE) owners and managers with many seeking the benefits of data-driven, real-time applications that will modernize a business or learning space. What building owner or manager doesn’t want to delight a tenant, streamline facility operations, optimize the square footage charged monthly, or create a more productive, healthier, ‘green’ space that warrants a premium?

Lighting System Helps Optimize Resident Care and Comfort at St. Ann’s Nursing Facility

St. Ann’s skilled nursing facility in Rochester, New York undertook a major renovation to transform every resident floor into a household model, creating a community that elders would recognize as home. Several goals were set for the project including optimizing the comfort levels of residents and staff and reducing energy consumption. A centrally-managed, flexible lighting system that leveraged the latest technologies was identified as a renovation requirement.

IoT Unites Operational and Information Technology Teams

IoT is changing the way we do business and how we think about and use technology. Operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) teams have traditionally been separate and siloed organizations. However, the lines between the two seemingly disparate organizations and their respective responsibilities are blurring. According to Navigant Research, the convergence of these two units is the foundation of the digital transformation of facilities into smart buildings. Alignment between the two is crucial.  

Lighting Higher Education’s Way to Sustainability

Higher education institutions across the globe have embarked on sustainability initiatives with great success.  As part of their campus philosophy, sustainability concerns are being integrated into curriculum, policies, programs and campus design. By fostering sustainable student lifestyles, the hope of these institutions is that these enlightened young men and women will carry those behaviors and attitudes into the world to support positive environmental change.