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And the Award Goes to….OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems

604823190_Paper with word WinnerIt is awards season and OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems is taking a walk down the red carpet. OSRAM is known for developing quality as well as innovative products. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our newest award-winning products.

2018 Sapphire Award Winner

The Sapphire Awards are the first in the lighting industry to focus on the LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) market from an enabling-technology and elegance-of-design perspective. Independent judges are chosen from industry and consultancy roles and products are ranked based on their unique technology or application, innovation, ease of use, efficiency, reliability, and contribution to profitability. LEDs Magazine staff plays a supporting role in the judging of the submitted products.

The Optotronic Programmable LED Emergency Driver was awarded the 2018 Sapphire Award in the Constant Current LED Drivers category.

ADEX Award Winners

ADEX Awards is one of the largest and most prestigious industry recognition programs for design excellence and product innovation in the architecture and design industry. The distinctions honor the best product and project designs of the year, as determined by an anonymous panel of professionals representing a cross-section of the design industry including facility managers, interior designers and architects.

Commissioned annually by Design Journal, ADEX recognizes winning entrants at Platinum, Gold and Silver award levels. OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems has been recognized in 2018 with six platinum awards.

  • OPTOTRONIC® Programmable Emergency LED Driver: A single driver solution that offers the ability to program and customize the light output in both normal and emergency operations. A separate snap-on battery pack with harness, available in slim, linear and compact options, powers emergency lighting in the event of an outage and provides up to 18W in back-up mode. The complete solution reduces the number of components required per emergency luminaire, substantially simplifies in-fixture wiring, and enables OEMs to better tailor their fixtures to application requirements while reducing the number of SKUs they must inventory.
  • OPTOTRONIC® Programmable LED Driver with DEXAL™ Technology: A non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface that enables bi-directional communications between the driver and the fixture-integrated component. It provides exact luminaire-specific data, including diagnostics, to light management systems. Fixture manufacturers can design smart fixtures and streamline the configuration process by leveraging DEXAL as a standard bi-directional communications interface.
  • LINEARlight FLEX® Diffuse: Flexible, saturated, homogeneous linear LED modules with the look of neon that is rated for indoor or outdoor use and can be sized onsite. These modules enable designers the freedom to offer subtle accentuation or comfortable ambient lighting in any space, including architecture, furniture or any object where a flexible lighting solution is needed.
  • Connected Lighting Module with DEXAL™ Technology: Enables luminaires to be connected to a Light Management System (LMS) based on ZigBee®communication protocols. Individually addressable, the Connected Lighting Module (CLM) allows each luminaire to be independently controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility. DEXAL Technology (Data Exchange for Advanced Lighting), is a bi-directional, digital dimming interface between the LED driver and fixture peripherals. It combines low-power delivery to fixture peripherals and communication capability on a single secure digital bus. The CLM DEXAL is a fixture-integrated component that is capable of interfacing with OPTOTRONIC®LED drivers that provide crucial performance data from within the luminaire.
  • ENCELIUM EDGEStandalone Wireless Light Management System: Enables installers to quickly and easily install, and set up a feature-rich and code-compliant light management system. It is designed for non-residential spaces that seek a code-compliant, energy-saving solution without the complexity of traditional networked light management systems. The ENCELIUM EDGE System is scalable and easily upgradeable to the ENCELIUM® Networked Light Management System via software.
  • Wireless Site Lighting Control Module (WSLC): The WSLC extends the capabilities of the ENCELIUM® Networked Light Management System to a building’s surroundings or site such as parking lots, pathways and private roadways. It installs on top of a light pole via an ANSI C136.41-compliant, 7-pin twist-lock connector. The WSLC is individually addressable via the ENCELIUM® System and can switch luminaires ON/OFF via an integrated high current relay, dim luminaires equipped with 0-10V dimming drivers or ballasts, or DEXAL™ or DALI dimming drivers or ballasts, and has an input for an external occupancy sensor.

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